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I have the distinct impression that Yuki’s magic does a lot of work to defy physics and, in particular, the conservation of momentum—if you know what I mean.

Thanks for the update, Sage!

The only reaction she’d be getting outta me is the same reaction ANYONE coming into my room, unasked and without permission, gets. GTFO! Nope. Don’t give a flying fuck at a rolling donut about the huge tits ya’ll going on about. For those like me, they are not only NOT a huge plus, they’re revolting.

I get what you’re saying here, but both of these characters are magical beings from other planes of existence. I don’t think standard rules of etiquette apply.

Especially for Celestials. From what we’ve seen in the comic so far, Celestials tend to view consent and permission as optional annoyances that they don’t let get in the way of their Holy Mission. Yuki has shown herself to be a bit more restrained in that regard, but she IS still a Celestial.

…. also, huge tits, revolting? That’s a bit bizarre to me. It’s not like she chose to have them… and, as an aside, let’s be real; if you find giant breasts disgusting, you might just be in the wrong place.

Also the vast majority of demons aren’t free thinkers. They are usually chaotic beings that cause mayhem for sustenance. So it’s perfectly reasonable for a celestial to investigate a demons presence. Yuki is also a kitsune so her curious and mischievous nature also compels her to act.

Oh. I know what she is, both celestial and kitsune. BOTH are reasons to slap down someone for presumptuously going into someone else’s room. The greater the presumed arrogance in your ‘inherent’ nature, the greater the need for that to be slapped out of someone invading someone else’s space.

I don’t let dogs sniff my crotch or hump my leg just because it’s in their nature, either. And I expect just slightly more restraint in sentient beings then I do from dogs.

Weird, I don’t often hear people espouse the importance of personal space while insisting violence is the correct answer to correct a behavior. If you can’t understand the nature of others perhaps you are a bit stuck in your own? People are not all the same, she comes from another culture, but you think slapping her around will fix that? That’s being uncharitable right? You don’t really mean what you said, right? Let’s be clear- you were being hyperbolic- right?

“Wrong place”. How arrogantly presumptuous of you. Clearly you think the only draw this comic can possibly have is huge tits. I wasn’t aware I was on a porn comic webpage.

Presumptuous? You think it’s appropriate to assume that a person mentioning that characters in my comic have large boobs that my comic is a porn comic? Is that not the definition of being presumptuous? It’s perfectly reasonable to assume if you are revolted by large tits, you probably don’t like several of my characters which might make it hard for you to enjoy my comic, being so offened by their physical appearance. That’s not presumptuous at all. Assuming that my comic is porn because there are large breasted characters- goes well beyond what should be considered appropriate.

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