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I’m assuming that the kitsune enjoys the fun nights but can’t do the thing with humans because they’re too fragile. (Worf once made a statement of that type in Star Trek: The Next Generation.) So the kitsune and the demoness doing it together is the only way to have a fun night without injuring the locals.

You know, with the Demoness’s current appearance being based on Michelle, and Michelle being in the habit of sleeping in the nude with Phil and Kate, Phil isn’t really seeing anything he hasn’t seen a lot of before. Must be the context…

The demoness’ appearance is not based on Michelle. The demoness copied her tits when they were using Michelle to communicate to the demoness, Axel, and Penpen in the demon Realm. She had since returned to normal. The demoness just mentions that she assumes Axel might be interested in Michelle because- Michelle and her share some attributes. That said- Demoness’ current form and form around Axel is mostly her “natural” form. Axel doesn’t have much of an attraction for her and she’s not really copying much from Axel to be more appealing.

Hehe, there’s the ‘fun censorship’ again!

I’m actually curious which you drew first, the naked demoness or Yuki’s hand to cover her up! Feels like it could be a funny story of chicken/egg – whether fingers were in the right angles to begin, or something like that 🙂

Also love how quickly Yuki is inserting herself into the group’s circle of fllirting and teasing and generally just being sexy around Phil. Asking for carries already…

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