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Hm, so if someone made a illusion of a maze of glass walls around Phill, and a few real panes or glass were mixed in, he would have a hard time telling whats real and not.

Wouldn’t Phil just have difficulty noticing the illusory glass? I suspect that his I-can-see-through-illusions ability is relative to the depth of the illusion. That is to say, illusory clear-glass would be practically unnoticeable to him.

He also has something similar to a 6th sense when interacting with magic- that said, yeah an illusion of mirrors and glass – while complex and a bit harder for him to view he does already have a way to deal with that. Smash with staff. If he doesn’t have the staff- his body is invulnerable soooo-

Oh. Phil’s got good taste. Tactful and tantalizing. There are many cultures where that outfit would be perfect for the wedding AND the wedding night. But to finish the look, Michelle needs a veil over her mouth and nose.

And yes, I agree, it’s sheer or go home for an outfit like that.

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