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I really appreciate where Nami and Blue have arrived at. Nami was always my favorite of the robot girls (though Michelle is pulling hard to try to catch up) and to finally see her out being her own person and having come to terms with he feelings for Blue makes me happy every time they interact.

Also good on Blue for spreading the wealth and commissioning an artist, make it something creative even if Nami could probably use her eyes and internal processes to get measurements and start a statue printing without leaving the apartment. Well maybe not Nami but I’m sure there’s a girl who could get accurate measurements and do that without needing external equipment.

I swear everytime we see Blue shes always getting bigger

That was what I was referring to. I think it is a general trend in the Sage-verse, c.f. Nami here as well. Apparently there is an attempt to be consistent with “constant volume”, but I dunno why consistent increase would be a problem. “Breasts are magic.” (Well, eventually a problem, perhaps… 🙀 And I’m biased, of course.)

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