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Is the reason that everyone’s blushing that she fell out of her dress? Or was she doing the whole “foodgasm that makes everyone around her see her nude” Sougeki Soma kind of deal?

Sitting close enough to a table to eat seems to be a challenge for Toyoko – and she either has forgotten or isn’t aware of the effect her solution has on others. Holding your chest back/down with an arm isn’t terribly unusual to get close or defeat the ‘crumb shelf’ phenomenon, but Toyoko manages to look less like it’s for comfort or accessibility and more like it’s for… enjoyment. Combined with her apparent tendency toward exaggerated facial expressions… let’s just say there’s probably a lot of money to be made by streaming her enjoying tasty meals and snacks.

Also, everyone’s expressions right now is an interesting profile in wordlessly showing thoughts or moods! Rough guesses about internal thoughts for humor’s sake:

Michelle: *wide eyed, slighly stunned* Wow. I am just now wondering if I look like that sometimes… maybe not the faces, but…

Kate: *Kinda slumped over, head tilted to side, one eyebrow up, slightly open mouth* She’s REALLY into this… I kinda want to look away, but also I don’t…

Phil: *Panic eyebrows, frown, dilated eyes* I know this is sexy but she is a friend and my fiancees are RIGHT next to me, there is literally nothing I can say right now that won’t go horribly horribly wrong. Danger! Danger!

Blue: *Body facing forward, lips together, eye pivoted* I really wish I was sitting ACROSS the table right now so it wouldn’t be super obvious when I’m staring… this is not fair at all! It’s almost too easy right now though… and I can’t tease her about this if she doesnt get why…

Nami: *Chin on hand, side eye, half lidded eyes* Gotta stay objective about this, how can she be this dense… It’s not FULLY wrong for me to appreciate this, just can’t be obvious about it.

he’s engaged to michelle too?

No. Or at least we have no reason to believe that. Setting aside that the US doesn’t recognize polygamy, Phil has only proposed to Kate onscreen, and the most formal references we’ve seen to where Michelle stands in the relationship is her referring to Kate as her and Phil’s mutual girlfriend (and his fiancee).

Point of fact, on the very next page, Phil explains that he feels that he and Michelle are part of Kate’s harem, and a few pages later Michelle mentions that she felt that Phil was treating her distantly and was trying to get him to open up. She then confirms a few pages later that she naturally won’t be with them on the honeymoon.

So no, it does not look like he’s engaged to Michelle.

Philosophical conflict — is it ethical to teach someone to enjoy harmless, beneficial things less so that others aren’t annoyed by their over-the-top happiness?

Not to disclose widely shared information is often considered immoral. (For ethics, see the law or other formalized rule setting.) Toyoko is considered an adult and should need no shielding due to special concerns.

Conversely, her friends can’t shield from their disclosure having some negative effects.

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