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Once again I face the dilemma. The comment section simply saying “no comments” is so perfect, and commenting will ruin it, but comment will come regardless after a bit. So is it not best to immortalize the “no comments”.

Me: -wanting to comment about “wishing we didn’t need censorship”-
Also me: -discovers there’s a comment section, despite having been reading the comic for literal years-
Also, also me: -wastes first ever comment on this stupid comment-
But in all actual seriousness, I love this comic so much. I have literally been reading this comic for… at least 12 years… (I’ve been reading since before moving to North Carolina, and that was 12 years ago haha)

Did they casuially forget that there is the occasional succubus in the building XD

The existence of Goblins, etc. is public (prime time news) knowledge in Yosh!, but not necessarily that the Demon World and its inhabitants exist.

Yeah, Demons aren’t commonly known creatures in the Yosh! world. Even if they were roaming the forests- they would likely be mistaken for goblins or other such creatures if they weren’t in animal or human forms. She’s not implying that demons AREN’T real, just that pursuing the kind of goblins in the world of Yosh! would be a terrible mistake.

Yes, that’s very much it. Just like certain episodes of cartoons like Captain Planet and the Planeteers are banned in Australia because they teach how harmless spiders are when there are no harmless spiders in Australia.

We are pretty much the antipode up in northern Europe and all our spiders and snakes are harmless.

Well, you don’t want children to get bitten by our one venomous snake, but more people die from allergic reactions to wasps so you don’t want people to needlessly kill snakes.

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