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She doesn’t because any magic that would even coerce the right chromosome mix would get undone by Phil’s dick

You may overestimate the powers of Phils magic dick and underestimate the powers of Yuki’s mammalian (and -obviously – mammarian) talents. Yuki has only to select on Phil’s sperm trajectories inside Kate, affecting Kate, whether or not the cells individually resist manipulation.

We know if he steps on magically dug pit, the pit fills itself in. The dirt simply deciding to exist again where he walks. It stands to reason if he sleeps with someone affected by magic that would manipulate his progeny it would also break

Are you comparing Kate with pits!? 🙀 More seriously, Yuki will have plenty of time to affect Kate’s body after the pair’s magic act. Sperm can live for days before they die, but the travel time to the typical fertilization locale (the fallopian tubes) is claimed to usually take something like 45 minutes to 12 hours depending on various factors.

[But we don’t have to readersplain Yuki’s magic, it is Sage’s storytelling magic that decides.]

And a manually dug pit covered with magic doesn’t get undone by him walking over it.
Non of the android girls, who are powered by a magic core, shut down when he touches them either.
His anti-magic is a lot more selective than just ‘cancel anything magic nearby’, if Phil agrees to let Yuki manipulate events to bless them with a boy and girl child then it is likely his null powers won’t stop it.

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