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It depends on which anime. Of course for the mandatory beach episode it is always a yes.

Who says what in the ast panel?


Phil said No, Michelle said Yes, and Phil said Not always. I try to keep the divot Balloon Tails (The reverse tails that cut into the bubble) in the general same place for the same character, and I try to never have a word bubble coming from someone that hasn’t been shown yet without some kind of indicator. I believe I have done it a couple times, but it is a general no-no. I could have also connected the balloon with a link- but I already had an overlapping balloon that would hide most of it anyways or else id have a weird loopy link.

No. Sometimes they are hardcore erotica

Pretty much any series that isn’t pure comedy where tentacles are referenced. There are exceptions of course. I mean cooking shows often have an octopus or two involved. Though most people separate Anime from Hentai. Even if Hentai is a genre of anime, most tend to think of them as separate entities.

Realized I phrased that poorly. I meant to say that most series are NOT hardcore erotica. With shows involving tentacles being the exception as you seldom see them outside of hentai (cooking shows, ie octopus being the primary exception). And of course even tentacles isn’t a sign of hardcore because it could be played for the laughs (typically with a giant monster octopus going on a rampage).

question when isn’t it Erotica because even now I don’t think anything that isn’t young children anime isn’t Erotic and even then there is that ONE Character always

Off the top of my head? To my memory, Monster (Naoki Urasawa) is too much of a grounded thriller for erotica. Baccano!’s non-chronological format arguably precluded those kinds of shenanigans because and half the ‘game’ of the show is piecing together the order of events, making such fanservice unproductive. And Mushishi is trying for a more ‘fable-esque’ tone which would make the same fanservice feel out of place.

I take it they’re using some different definition of “softcore”? Generally, the difference between hardcore and softcore in the erotica industry is whether bits go into other bits (full nudity, striptease, etc is softcore, actual sex is hardcore).

I watch a little anime (but avoid the erotica type stuff), but I assume it means something different there?

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