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#2666 published on 7 Comments on #2666

I am aware Omni isn’t a commonly used term for this, as other terms come close enough without introducing too much that might confuse people- and I know it doesn’t mean tentacles! That- is a joke! I felt if someone has spent a lot of time in other worlds, meeting all kinds of beings and people and was able to find attraction to many or all of them in some fashion, Omni feels like the most encompassing term I am aware of. The joke here that it means “tentacles- but better.” is to say it is an extreme on the scale that it fits otherworldly beings. Saying bi and not pan or anything else is simply because she knows Kate is bi, and she’s also joking about how being a lesbian is boring – although I can see an actual argument that it could or would be boring for a person who enjoys more than one sex. Hope that clears it up- I still expect someone to say something in the comments- feel free to, I love chatting with readers. XD


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