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She’s new, so is she human or another of the girls?

Old. She’s an android that was kind of insane and wanted to murder Phil. She’s still insane, but less murdery

Not Lilith. The robopsychologist with the rectangular pince-nez, and sweater… cougars.

New. And possibly human since none of the gynoid gals have affected glasses yet, that I recall. Glasses would make great “I am human” cover though, and be at various prescription strengths.

It *was* easier when the androids had manga ears.

Welp, we’ll be there soon. “So, where’s your guest data feed? I’m hungry.”

Easier, yes. But it’s easier for them to interact and integrate with humanity without them. Especially now Blue is no longer sneak-nomming Nami’s ears as soon as the Chobit-shells come off.

The therapist looks nice. I wonder how good she is at her job — and also whether her given name might be Susan, or her family name Calvin. 😉

Fun fact: nowadays snake oil is used to mean a scam, but the Chinese used the oil from the Chinese water snake as a traditional medicine for ages, and it worked. But when they came to the US, there were no Chinese water snakes, so people started making their own snake oil using rattlesnakes, which didn’t contain the proper chemicals.

Oh, well this went very trauma territory for me rather suddenly. I’ll just say this, if you have kids, question heavy medicating. Make sure that its actually necessary and not being used a solo solution, they are a aid not a end all be all. And keep tabs on what is the norm. Like when I was put on ten times the maximum safe dosage for a adult when I wasn’t even ten, should have been a warning flag the doctor was way to reckless.

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