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Wait, hold up. Unless I’m mistaken, 14 and 7 shouldn’t be orthogonal to each other, they should be opposite sides since they add to 21. Am I just remembering the layout of a d20 wrong?

Whoops, that’s a 4, not a 7, the action lines made it harder to see. Ignore me, Sage knows best, I’m the fool here x3

Did you really think I would make such a mistake? Hue hue hue – I may forget how to spell simple words, like embarrassed, preparing- I always want to type it prepair!- I should type it Prepear too to be consistant with spelling it wrong, also, I type consistent wrong a lot too XD lots of things with ent/ant at the end I can mess up while typing). Then there’s apostrophes, commas, and hyphens- Oof. A mess XD
POINT IS! When writing numbers on a dice I know each side added up equals the Die sides +1! 😀 You know… the important things… For a writer… knowing how dice are numbered for accurate randomness… dear God.

Grammar is a constant fight for every writer. Even Stephen King has an editor.

As for weird minutiae, I had to look up how many people can move through a doorway in a 1-minute period the other day. Found three research papers on it. Three. Now I know that little bit of info and it takes the spot of something probably far more important that I definitely am not obsessing over not knowing anymore.

Can’t argue with that justification for having mass hordage of dice, they can and will be brats. Also just the possibility of having a 30D10 die pool.

We do not hoard dice simply because we like the click clack of the shiny math rocks. We hoard them because sometimes our favorites become cursed and require penitent isolation in order to purge the curse. In the meantime we must make use of other, less favored dice.

okay you sound like a superstitious coot

The shorthand for what you just described is “gamer”. We are a strange superstitious people who horde our knowledge and delight in both highs and lows which we weave into tales of oneupmanship but there is a camaraderie there.

Also dice jail is a thing absolutely and I’ve punished dice as an example for others in their set when they proceed to roll too many 1s in warhammer games.

You HOARD things that you keep.

A HORDE is a large group of enemies, preferably of the same species/tribe, that are bearing down on you, or soon will be.

Example: A dragon’s hoard is full of gold and other precious metals, among other shiny things.

Example: A horde of orcs is about to raid the nearest human village. Your party has been tasked by the local lord to find a way to stop them, or convince them to go elsewhere.

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