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If that machine ever gains sentience, it might actually insist on the android girls addressing it/her as Mom.
It might also ask why they haven’t been back to pay a visit or drop off a mother’s day card or something.

Now I kind of want to see this happen. ^^;

Suspicious, perhaps because the machine uses magic to work?

It may use orichalcum, like a lot of Shiden’s technology. If I recall correctly, orichalcum is magical. Should my theories be correct, Phil could seriously damage the mother-machine.

He doesn’t damage the girls it produces, though, who also run on the stuff.

Phil has increasing control over what he Nulls and what he doesn’t. He never wanted to Null the androids, so he hasn’t.
But of course Shiden and the androids don’t have full trust in his control.
(Comment had to be edited before it could be posted due to a flagged word! Not a bad one mind you… 😛 – Sage)

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