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AnthroCon 2023

AnthroCon 2023 published on 4 Comments on AnthroCon 2023

I am at Anthrocon with some friends this weekend! When this page goes live I should be in the hotel actually. I’m hoping some of my stuff sells, I worked my bum off getting a bunch of all new art done specifically for this convention!
This filler is featuring characters from the comics of the two people I will be staying with this year, as usual- Flora from Twokinds! Then for the first time Ember! Who belongs to the comic Bloodline! Monday will be the 4th of July filler! So Enjoy! I… am going to try to have fun- though I will probably just stress!


I love these three together because, as a fan of all three stories I can almost picture them all just hanging out and chatting. Ember being with a pair of goof balls who are also from crazy places and who WONT CARE about the (Litteral) inner demons.
I gotta ask, is there a version of this without the words? I just want a pic of the three of them together, its just TOO CUTE a thought ^^

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