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Sleepy eyes! 👀 Flora seems to have discovered that cats sleep 40 % of their time, while humans go by with 30 %.

[Oddly, when I search for sleep time a claim that tigers sleep 18-20 hours per day is repeated and as so often when that happens without a reference. I found a 1984 review where a few specimen of domesticated cats and caged jaguars both clocked in [or out!?] at 40 % of a 24-h period. “Animal Sleep: A Review of Sleep Duration Across Phylogeny SCOTT S. CAMPBELL AND IRENE TOBLEW, Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, Vol. 8, pp. 269–300, 1984.]

oh gowd yes, if any other person i could allow to draw flora is this guy ..
i can get behind this art style 100% .. prop the best i seen done over the last decade
plus.. my wife dosent under stand when i call her Flora (cuase of her attributes to toms Character is basically identical)

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