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Lie of Convenience

Lie of Convenience published on No Comments on Lie of Convenience

You may notice the comic changed a bit. If you already read it and are now noticing this, please read it again. I made a terrible error in how I wrote it and really messed up the character’s personality and cut out some information that I was saving for Monday. That information fits much better here and shortens the upset remarks to a more reasonable amount. Michelle doesn’t tolerate lying, but she is never actually rude about it because she understands why people do it. She wouldn’t go off on them and when I originally wrote it, it sounded pretty short but with all the comments on it I realized, the comic is only 3 panels and 2/3rds of it looks like Michelle is yelling at Kate! Which is not how it would go at all. Again, my apologies and I hope this helps!
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Hope you all have a great weekend! We’ll wrap this up next week, and move on to a few more things and eventually… We will get to the actual Pathfinder game, and I have a lot of fun stuff planned for that! ^_^

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