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Pathfinder published on 28 Comments on Pathfinder

Yep, the ability to use magic was what caused the transformation. So people who were physically transformed were unable to use their magic that they would have had if fire had properly released his magic and it naturally flowed back into the world. So now, Kate’s going to learn a method she can use, to learn magic! Let’s hope it doesn’t involve a demon pact.


Umm… In the last panel, did you mean “than that?”

That that does seem to be correct actually. It is something that people say even if it is a bit weird to read. He mentions he’s looking over the translation book now, but the actual book that has the methods of learning is the black book with metal tips on the corners.

Having a demon pact isn’t that bad… If you are a better rules lawyer. Well, Pen Pen is a good example of more or less benevolent demon to get a pact with, the guy could have easily gotten your soul waaaay back then when you were thinking you were drunk and/or asleep, he was nearby for years!
That said, one of more obvious methods is a sort of an advanced prosthetic/symbiote. Something or someone that can use magic, and that you can control instinctively.
Buuut. I doubt the book describes this particular method.

I’m guessing that this method involves directly controlling magic instead absorbing then using it? That would seem to be the obvious loophole in the `can’t naturally absorb magic` problem, explaining why it works differently. Just me enjoying a bit of guesswork.

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