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I thought it still hurts, but, just doesn’t injure him.

Actually it has been established that so long as magic is the force causing it, it can’t affect him, which will be show visually- soon ^_^

But wait…. SAY for a moment that our mighty earth mage used his magic to turn the ground underneath Phil into quicksand….woul he sink into it like normal? or would it just slow him down, like walking on a sand dune?

That will not be addressed on Friday’s comic (Which was already scripted and sketched before this question- you’ll see why I point that out now on Friday XD) but will be addressed later. I’m going to have to finish the comic for Friday a bit early because on top of all the extra work i am having to do this week- My friends asked me to go see Iron Man 3 with them as a big group Thursday night! Since I often have to turn down their invites due to work and being so busy, I cannot pass up this opportunity to do something I will eventually do anyways, but instead do it with a ton of my best friends.

the only pain Phil seems to feel is psychosomatic. we’ve seen Phil get hit by things that he couldn’t see and he felt nothing, but when he see’s it happening like when Kate poked him with her claw he acts like it hurts because he knows it should.

Now I think you’re just keeping this comic away from Blue and Nami on purpose at this point, Phil. XP

In a way- I am. I have a lot of other stuff to do, and I need to keep some stuff light right now with all the work I have this week. I also want to put some time between that event to move things along at a good pace. If i just focused on them for a while, it would feel rushed for those reading them one after another. Slower is better, thank you for your patience and I promise we will get back to them and follow up XD

This breaks so many laws of physics. So interesting.
If energy can neither be created nor destroyed but only converted, does converted energy converted from magic-created energy still have no effect? Say, if I launched a rock into space using Magic, and gravity pulled it back down right on Phil’s head, would it hurt?

This breaks no laws of physics, it adds laws because another fundamental force other than electro/magnetic, gravitational, weak and strong nuclear forces. As all forces have their own laws that govern how parts of them work so does magic. As for your question, it may be answered soon, to a lesser degree.

I wonder how far a Null’s cancellation field extends from his body, or if it is only everything that touches him directly. I specifically wonder this because I wonder if something like a burial trap would work, or how close fire magic would get before fading and if the heat would completely dissipate before getting to him as it’s created by magic, or if his staff channels his nullification extending it’s range.

In an earlier comic, Phil asked the one accompanying him (dun remember who it was) to use a fire spell on him to prove he was the null. the fire did not hurt him at all and he showed no reaction to the heat. Also, no marks on his clothes, so ithink the field is like a layer around him, negating all the magic. And the staff extending the nullification range would make no sense in that way. The field would most likely be a layer around his staff like it is around his body if anything, due to the staff being made for the null.
but then again it is my opinion.

Okay, as I understand the development of the Null, each succesive Null is immune to everything all previous Nulls were, plus whatever killed the previous one. THus the comment from the demon that was in Axel about ‘even the previous Null was slain by physical force’, whereas Phil is immune to it.
Currently, the only things that can kill Phil are purely natural sickness, suffocation, and old age. If Phil dies of old age, will future Nulls be immortal?
Also, while he is relatively immune to physical impact, he seems to react to physical impact as his body should…if he’s aware of the impact at the time. Does that mean if you stuck a sense blocking helmet (like was used by that one guy in Yu Yu Hakusho during the ‘becoming Spirit’s apprentice’ arc), physical impacts would bounce off of him?
Also, how much does the immunity to damage extend to his garb? And are there specially designed combat outfits that could be made that would amplify that? If the field of protection relative to distance, such that a skin tight outfit would be more protected?

I think a Burning Finger from Domon might harm Phil, but only after Kira Yamato uses his Beam Spam while equipped with a Meteor Pack, and even then the Double X’s Twin Satalite Cannons from Garrod would have to soften him up, right after he gets an armor piercing slap from Kaname Chidori from Full Metal Panic, which would more than likely do the most damage of the three….I think I watch too much mecha anime.

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