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Oh? So perhaps Lilith isn’t JUST a loose cannon! She was a loose cannon with a PURPOSE! Sneaky Lien. Very sneaky.

We knew that in the beginning of the fight though… Didn’t we? I mean, I said once the fight began that the whole reason Phil was fighting Lilith was because they wanted to stress test his Null abilities but… was that ever actually said or did I predict the future?

the story telling heavily implied this was a power up event for Phil but it was never said out right Lien was behind it

Oh-ho, so it seems Lilith *wasn’t* just being crazy-aggressive just for the heck of it!

They needed to simulate a true danger scenario, at least make Phil think he was in real danger

It’s actually kinda cute how Lilith wanted to help Phil improve.

It would not supprise me if some of her own motive swern’t involved a swell, help him improve and get to pound on him too, win win.

“You must be stronger if you wish to defeat me! Go, train against my minions!”
There are villains like that. They WANT a good tough fight. They want to be defeated, but the one who defeats them has to be stronger than them. Sometimes its done as a “You’ve won, hero. But the world is still broken. It needs a new Dark Emperor. You.” situation.

Like Younger Toguro in Yu Yu Hakusho and Sensui after him. Both were death seekers (particularly Toguro out of guilt for failing to protect his students) looking for an opponent powerful enough to defeat and kill them in battle and didn’t mind trying to make their killer given the opportunity.

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