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And then Kate proves to be a lot more badass than Phil. In fact, I don’t know anyone who Phil cares about that isn’t either more badass or more trained than Phil. Sorry Death, this one’s getting the golden fiddle.

Well, depends on whether or not Hue knew that Kate was training to be a mage.

And whether or not he told Death that. He probably would have, but you never know.

I’m still with you, this plan is not exceedingly well thought-out. But it is far from the realm of unachievable.

Death is still under the mistaken assumption that people will jump when says so. Her own minions might, but it’s doubtful anyone else would. Kate will likely be startled, then pissed at the tresspasser. Now depending on whether the next thing out of skullboy’s mouth is an invitation or a demand will set the tone for whatever’s next. I’m hoping for a demand, followed by a rather violent “unsummoning”.

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