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I know this is fairly unlikely, but it just occurred to me this might not be from death. It might be a demon sent by Penpen(Can’t come himself. But he’s king so maybe he could order someone else to help.) Maybe Lia got the note and contacted him. not very likely, just an outside possibility.

Kinda thinking the demon realm might be the only safe place from Death. (Does she even have another name?)

Have to say this for Blue: she did not hesitate a second to put herself between Kate and possible danger.

Also, I’m thinking, yeah, maybe this isn’t from Death. Death would not particularly care for her safety, and would not know or really care about “the Shiden.” But, of course, I could be wrong.

hmm… i find this interesting. i am still not sure that this … “being”, is from the lady death, or one of the demon princes…
however, i would like to point out and the third speech bubble. “we WILL halt ANY attempts on you and your friends”

also, for quick reference, here is the only pages with useful descriptions of the undead used by the lady death:
Meoi Lass

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