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… even though sometimes he comes off as a complete creep, i kinda like proxy. i’m pretty sure he is not actually human, and i am not even sure he is alive though. i have just always assumed he was some form of uber-magical android built by the alantians for the twins.

So phil is immune to harm both mundane and physical. If he really wanted to get kate back by force is there… really anything that could be done to stop him? Like I am asking seriously. He’s basically an unstoppable juggernaut as we learned when the magi were testing their magic on him. Hue couldnt even put him in a pit, the earth rose back up to catch him when he fell!

i don’t believe life and death have been made aware of his now complete immunity to direct harm, the better questions is would contact with their sky fortress cause it to fall?

as doing so would also potentially harm him… I’m gonna say it won’t fall, since they tested it with a pit and a bridge made of magic, the bridge stayed so he wouldn’t fall.
that and the island is a fair size, so most of it should be outside his aura…

I think you’re asking the wrong question. It’s not, “Can Phil be stopped” but rather, “Can they make Phil obey” – i.e. by threatening Kate. She’s a hostage for a reason, and as invulnerable as Phil may be it doesn’t extend to protecting her from death-magic. If Death plays her cards right and ensures Kate is always one finger-snap away from oblivion, Phil won’t risk her. If Death messes up by letting Kate out of her direct control long enough for Phil to get in the middle… I guess it depends on how they provoke each other.

Except for the fact that if she carries it out, she loses all leverage, and Phil knows that. Death already messed up because she doesn’t know what Kate is capable of, if she did, she would have had her searched and never let her out of sight. Especially because her stuff should charge faster here.

thats kind of my exact point. Death has a one use only threat. Killing Kate would unleash phil’s (as yet unseen) wrath upon her and its implied by what happened last time that this is something death would rather avoid. Though honestly it sounds like shes trying to throw a party so…. is this her attempting to make phil come to a peace treaty by force? I mean its a fucked up way of starting a peace talk but its effective if you think the other side wont come willingly.

The problem with a resque operation, is while phil might be pretty much invulnerable, the rescuee is not. Which ups the complexity of the operation. How to keep the person your rescuing from getting harmed or killed while getitng them out at the same time.

As to the island, I think thats a good question. Might depend on just how the magic works to keep it a float. If its an all encompasing spell, then phil’s contact with the island might nullify the spell allowing gravity to take effect. On the other hand, if there is a central core that supports a core structure that the rest of the mundane material sits on, then things would be fin as phil would have to come into contact with the core to nullify it.

Kind of like how he can shake the andoids hands without nullifying thier cores.

The problem with Death’s plan is that she only has one play; “kill everything except the one I can’t.” It’s a powerful lever but you can only use it once and then your target has nothing left to lose and only long, brutal, torturous vengeance to gain. You catch a tiger by the tail you have to pray you never lose your grip.

There is another danger to pissing off Phil.

He is for all intents and purposes “The Cutie”

Breaking the Cutie by killing off someone he cares for would definitely be a Bad Thing (tm pending). The term here would be “Berserk Button”. All we know is that he’s immune to magic. He may have other hidden talents even he doesn’t know about. Now imagine Kate dying, imagine where his brain would go. It would grab those hidden talents and employ them in the most horrific and brutal manner possible.

He has a Target. He has weapons we know about and possibly weapons we don’t know about. He’s just lost everything that matters. Even if you find a way destroy that weapon, he won’t stop.

Oh, and if he wasn’t terrifying enough, he has friends, powerful friends.

That’s why you never give the Cutie a weapon. Because if they snap, they will use it.

point of order. hes not just immune to magic, penpen has spent years developing an immunity to mundane damage as well so hes also immune to non magic attacks. but yes i see your point about breaking the cutie, especially a cutie completely immune to harm.

You know, it seems like the Elements of magic, while intelligent, aren’t quite sapient on thier own. They require bonding with a magi in order to have the mind to function with a will to gain perspective, adaptability, and morals. Without the magi, they are the supernatural equivalent of computer programs; running on a set number of parameters (perhaps instincts?) in a rather limited form, based on the last magi they bonded with.

This could explain why the Twins the way they are. There probably was an original brother and sister way back when, but when the Atlantians bonded Life and Death to them , they erred and the “program” was corrupted. This probably killed the original twins, so they didn’t have the time to form their bloodlines like the others had. The magic, then, was stuck repeating it’s last instructions. Which could explain why the Twins never change and never learn; they don’t actually have the human minds that would allow them to learn and adapt.

My hypothesis

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