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Sometimes the best bluffs just require one omitted word:

“Yeah, I’m wearing a whole lot of invisible armed orihalcum jewelry.”

That’s also the most common tactic when lying, leave out critical information that changes what you’re saying.

“I’m not armed.”

You’re not. But your bodyguard is and he can get you weapons fast. Or you have a bracelet / spell that lets you summon weapons in an instant. In either case you CAN be armed, very quickly, but when they asked you if you had weapons, you were speaking truthfully.

Also she only mentioned the ones on her amr, not the ones around her neck or her earings etc. So not only leaving out a detail, but also not being entierly accurate with the ammount and location of the stuff either.

Course, no one has mentioned that the demon is tehcncially working for a good friend of hers so is actually on her side and gave her time to ‘prepair’ for this ‘kidnapping’. Or the fact that backup is enrout.

The other benefit is that she’s learned the limitations of Mr. Proxy, that he was only reading her body language and not that he had the ability to See Invisible, unless he too is omitting things he knows (perhaps less likely, because Death and him don’t have the intel that she’s been studying magic and thus is a danger herself).

From a fantasy standpoint, one could get away with such deceit in regards to “lie detection” spells because she is being truthful. Jewelry is a vague term, and while it DOES have offensive use, it is still jewelry. So again, there is no lie for any magics to spot.

Since there is no reason to doubt her, there is no reason to employ such magics.

You have to give Kate credit for thinking fast on her feet. But then again, considering what she’s been through and the kind of life she lives, that’s kind of a requirement.

Good lie, except that demon would be no match for a magi, and there is no reason for them to let it take her. If lia was present to cloak the jewelry in response to the demon showing up she was present to kill it and not let it take her.

in what world would a demon not be a match for magi? We have seen plenty of proof to say otherwise, especially if the demon can corrupt magic like some of them can.

It’s mostly true that most demons wouldn’t stand a chance against a full powered Magi, but a normal demon also couldn’t just waltz into FTRobotics, a place with a bunch of androids, high tech gear, and mages live/defend the place. The king of demons wouldn’t send just any demon on such an important mission. It would be foolish for Proxy to just assume that “If Lia was there she would have just destroyed the demon”. He knows Lia and he knows enough about the demon to make better assumptions than that.

Even if she couldn’t win, she would try to at least stall it. 2 other magi were nearby as well as many other fighters. She wouldn’t need to stall long. While sure it was strong but it was a stealth mission. The fact it was detected should raise a few questions. Also does death know that penpen is the demon king? She knows he is a ancent
one and has minions, but I thought he hid he was king as she would know he faught against the magi and led to them being sealed.

I just finished re-reading the comic so far (took me around 4 days O_o) and WOW has this story been a part of my life for a long time…… (I originally started reading this webcomic right around the time Josephus made his first appearance and Kidnapped Kate and Phil…..)

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is… Keep up the good work? Really looking forward to reading more 😉

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