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Trying to break his marriage now ? Good luck..

No this entire deal appears to be more about gathering information, largely what FTR knows about the past, and what they are capable of, the second part is why she had Kate kidnapped and rather than using other means of information gathering,

Kate probably knows more about Phill (this incarnation of the null) than any one else, except maybe Shidin (since they were freinds since before the start of the comic), but Phil and Shidin were out of contact for a while before getitng bac together I think and well she has been with Phil since the start. The only one who knew what he was all this time was the current demon kind/pet penguin, but he didn’t say anything back then. So she is very familiar with the man today.

Ehhh… this is Life and Death magi: is it “inheriting memory,” or is it the same people this whole time that personally remember what happened because they were there? I thought this was strongly implied to be the latter, but maybe I interpreted some dialogue wrong somewhere along the way over the past *several years.*

Remember guys, the main thing that the twins lack when trying to figure out what to do about FTR is information. Beyond what Shiden let them know and what they have observed of their actions, they have very little, the Magi haven’t given them much. Among the information the twins want, is FTR’s understanding of past events, and their capabilities. By bringing Kate to Atlantis, they can’t hold back and must show many of their cards, especially without the luxury of planning it on their terms

Though she may not be intending to keep Kate, though FTR doesn’ know that. I base that on the more civil approach to the information gathering, IE, interview style rather than tied up interogation style. When the ‘rescue’ team arrives I see things going one of 2 major ways (with possible variations); A) Kate walks out and get spiced up to be taken home, and Death gets a look at thier toys, but otherwise a semi-civil peacfull encounter; B) Things go south and all hell breaks loos with Phil going in swinging to pull her out by force.

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