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Smug fuckstains like this deserve to die. Especially when they’ve thought they won.

Pretty sure they’re actually the distraction team. It was pretty obvious from the beginning that Proxy was a badass, considering how much trust the Twins had in him. Therefore, keeping him away from Death so Phil can just walk right in without having to worry about hurting him or being held up too long by him. Although it’d be interesting if suddenly Phil lays a hand on Proxy and all his power just vanishes.

It’s still weird how much Proxy looks like Serena’s Grandfather. I wonder if they’re either related or something’s about to happen that causes Proxy to get kicked back in time when magic was still very much sealed. He then met Serena’s Grandmother and they Marry and his old self stays out of the way as any interference will likely prevent his younger self from going back, preventing the meeting that gave him a family.
Gotta love speculation. 😉

Alright, long time reader, I think quite possibly first time poster though… but I just wanted to drop something that has been occurring to me these last few pages.

And that is that I am really okay in fact quite possibly excited at the idea of our heroes getting their butts handed to them. Don’t get me wrong I like them all Sage has done quite a good job in my opinion giving many of them their own quirks and interests but that said they have always seemed fairly OP.

And as a result, no matter what series of events has happened I don’t recall ever feeling any ‘omg how are they going to get out of this let alone win’ moments since god I don’t know the very first fire mage?. Admittedly I have realized over time that at least for myself unless the author has a deeply interesting/flawed main character ( Guts from Berserk etc. ) the story for me quite often falls on if the antagonist is actually interesting or appears just as a foil to loom in the background while the heroes do ‘stuff’.

Anyway just my thoughts.. still love the comic as always but I am going to be sitting here quitely in my corner hoping that Proxy and Death can prove to be more then speed bumbs lol.

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