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Do not know if its been asked before, but how does Death’s magic effect the android girls; they have something like a soul, but are not technically alive. Will it just cause them to shutdown until they can be recharged or will it destroy the phalicary(?) in their head?

I imagine the question in-universe is rather similar to “do I have immortality?”

Maybe you do, maybe you don’t, but do you really want to test it?

Immortality is one of those fun powers that can be good or bad, depending on several factors. The first and most important factor is HOW their immortality functions. The next most important factor is what powers (if any) come with it.

and if Immortality is the only thing you got your . . .screwed?

It would depend on how exactly your immortality worked.

As an example, say your immortality was granted via say “your soul is placed inside an artificial shell” then your biggest concern is keeping that shell in good condition. The shell gets damaged, you risk losing your immortality. If it gets destroyed, well duh, you’re dead.

So yeah, it would depend on exactly HOW your immortality functions. There are lots of ways to be immortal.

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