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If it’s not oil or blood what is it?

The fluid used in the robot girls for a multitude of things. It allows them to “sweat” and keeps their systems cool, while also being a medium for their nanites to move through and get to areas to repair. Also when they get cut it slowly seeps to the surface to allow the nanites access to the damaged areas but also to appear as blood. However when it gushes it shows its full color which is much darker. It’s also pumped through their system to fool heart beat sensors and gives them a pulse. So it’s kinda for everything dealing with the internals of the robot girls.

Just wanted to say I think Proxy appears to have held his own rather well these last few pages.. which was actually kind of nice to see considering his opponents while not the heaviest of hitters on the hero team are definitely up there. Given the back and forth and his internal monologue think it has served to make him more interesting as a character.. or at least I am more curious about him then when this started.

As for what is happening on this page… seems they pushed him to the point that he is going to lose his cool which could be interesting to see just wondering what the heck that liquid is if its not blood or oil… and I am hoping however he ‘loses’ assuming he is going to will still have him saving face.

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