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We’ve got some changes coming up in the next few months or so. The Katbox hosting is winding down but all the comics will still be online, we’ll be moving around but the Katbox site as a place to gather on the discord and links and such will still be around.
Yosh! Will be reachable at well- a bunch of links but the main one is!
Artificial Incident will be reachable at (it currently goes here). I’ll also have another website that I’ll link you all too once it’s up and ready.
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All of this mostly being mentioned because I’m probably going to need a bit of extra money to cover my server costs eventually. Thanks and hope you continue to enjoy the comic!


Did he not know they were androids?
Because that’s what it seems like to me right now.

Maybe them being androids is kind of irrelevant?

The girls are people. They think, act, and feel exactly like flesh-and-blood humans do. If you didn’t have prior knowledge of them, you could easily be forgiven for thinking (in most normal situations) that they ARE flesh-and-blood.

I also get the feeling that, Proxy is someone who doesn’t necessarily enjoy his job. Whether it be by duty, or magical compulsion, fighting for and protecting the Twins is his job, and nothing more. He may not even personally agree with the Twins goals, he just goes along with them because it’s been made clear that his feelings on the matter are irrelevant. So he may not want to truly hurt them at all, he just has no choice in the matter. So, he chooses to hurt them only to the extent that it is necessary.

Thirdly, he strikes me as someone who spends a lot of time maintaining a strict discipline over himself. Maybe he had anger issues in the past, maybe he’s just hyperaware of how much damage he’s capable of dealing.

And for one brief moment, that carefully cultivated discipline slipped. As a result, he did more damage than he truly intended, damage that, were it inflicted on a flesh-and-blood human, would certainly result in their death.

It’s a common trope where you have the monstrous villain, but his bodyguard or his troops are genuinely decent people, sometimes forced into a bad situation. And you feel guilty about dishing out the pain, because you know that deep down, they’re ok people. But, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Sometimes a story will even poke fun of this by having the heroes run into the ‘mooks’ or the ‘Dragon’ when they’re off duty. And there will be a line similar to “hey, can we chill with the fighting today? See what’s in the bag? Dinner.”

Or, to really play up the fact the troops or Dragon are real genuine people, they’ll be seen with a girlfriend / boyfriend / spouse, or to really make it hurt, their kids.

Proxy may rest assured that these two women most certainly did *not* lose control! 🙂

And can I just say, how much more badass can you get than going from “getting your leg partially crushed” straight to “kneeing your enemy in the face” without a moment’s pause?

I’d still call it badass. Even if they’re used to combat, their bodies are wired to respond to stimuli, as is their neural network (or whatever you want to call it). Which means that the damage to her leg had to have hurt. Though unlike a normal human, she can disable the pain receptors quickly, but that would probably also have an effect on response time to body parts.

Though its not like movies don’t conveniently ignore the effects of shock all the time. Get shot in the gut, keep going like nothing has happened. For sometimes upwards of 20+ minutes. Before someone realizes you’ve got a fist sized hole in your chest and says you need to stop and treat the wound.

You’re in a fight where your opponents are clearly aiming to disable/remove/kill you. You start having worry-moments only after BOTH of your opponents are not able to move, or give them time to recover their friend off the field while maintaining guard.

Still, one has to give props to him still caring about his opponents. You would’ve thought that being in service with Twins would drive you soon enough into “not caring” mode.

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