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#2242 published on 10 Comments on #2242

Streaming tonight at 9pm EST at

We’ve got some changes coming up in the next few months or so. The Katbox hosting is winding down but all the comics will still be online, we’ll be moving around but the Katbox site as a place to gather on the discord and links and such will still be around.
Yosh! Will be reachable at well- a bunch of links but the main one is!
Artificial Incident will be reachable at . I’ll also have another website that I’ll link you all too once it’s up and ready.
Remember you can help support me on Patreon here
Send me some money on Paypal here
I even have a Ko-fi Page here!


Who knew Lilith was a nerd. Not that I would say so any were she could hear.

Feel free, just be sure to also let slip, that Lien is into nerds. Just get it out before you lose your head.

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