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Well here’s one change- not sure if it will be permanent or not. I need some more space to work with for the upcoming action scenes and such so- bigger comic pages!

We’ve got some changes coming up in the next few months or so. The Katbox hosting is winding down but all the comics will still be online, we’ll be moving around but the Katbox site as a place to gather on the discord and links and such will still be around.
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What was Phil suppose to do if he missed the island?

Waitwaitwait. 1 G=9.8ms^2, right? And at… Well…uh … Yeah. I don’t think there should be an island left. Phill was just acting as a HVW via air drop. If he dropped for less than 10 seconds. Let’s say, 5? And him + staff weighing about 6 tons? That’s over 60,000 pounds of force. If the staff is the only thing that hit, and at ten square inches of contact at most, that is still 6000psi of force(not pressure).
Definitely not good for him to drop from any higher. He might make the planet spin of kilter.
-meoi lass

For record, 60,000 pounds of force equals roughly 267 kilonewtons. Space shuttle lift-off has power of 1,7 MEGAnewtons, and I doubt any space shuttle can pull earth off its axis.

5 seconds of fall time gives him a rough estimation of being dropped from 120 meters above the island. This means his falling speed at impact was roughly around 48m/s, and his energy of impact (if brought to full stop) was around 705600000 Joules, aka 705,6 megajoules. This is roughly equal to 196 kWh, so let’s give him a high estimate and say 200 kWh.
Cruise missiles exploding have payload in MEGAS, hundreds or even thousands of what he’s pulling out here. Phil can easily turn any single being to paste, destroy a car he lands on completely, break through a building with ease and create a nice crater where he lands. Destroying island miles large? Not possible.

Now, even if he was falling at terminal velocity at 6 ton weight, his energy would only be “mere” 2646 megajoules, or 756 kWh. This is about equal to one-and-half or two light Tomahawk Cruise missiles. So again, he can level a city block at best if dropped from airplane without a parachute.
Of course if we throw in that at moment of impact it got a ton of magic in it, and for fun sake say it got… Let’s say over triple heavier at 20 tons until the magic dissipated and falling with about terminal velocity. That would mean 8820 megajoules, or bit under 2,5 MWh. Respectable heavier Cruise Missile payload. Mythbusters used 2,5 tons of ANFO to create explosion with pressure to artificially try to create diamonds. This explosion’s estimated force was 2,9 MWh. And I don’t remember them throwing earth off the rotation. ๐Ÿ˜€

Of course, I might be flunking a comma here somewhere, but I’m sure someone can double-check math if they know better.

Fun fact: Swinging this thing is actually pretty darn dangerous.
A normal bo staff can get around 2,700 pound of force (over 10 kN) in a strike (National Geographic Channel’s Fight Science).
With kinetic force being KE = 1/2mv[squared], and if we calculate that we only use half of the staff’s weight as well as very rough estimation of speed with 22m/2 (baseball stars can get to speeds of 100miles per hour, but Phil probably isn’t a pro star, so I take a low estimate of a swing with 50 miles per hour), we get
1/2 * 3000kg * 22m/s[squared]
1500kg * 484m/s2
726000 kgm/s2 aka 726 kilojoules

Now, I am no physics student, but I do see this meaning that the force would be at least 350 kilonewtons (Estimation of 2 meter swing Phil would need to smack someone) smacking person in the face. Either way, seeing how mere 4 kilonewtons is enough to break bones, and he can easily swing it around more than once or put more speed to the swing… Mere increase of 3 m/s to his swing speed increases the effect by 200 kilojoules, aka 100 kilonewtons on that 2-meter swing.

…Someone PLEASE point me out if there is a flaw in my calculation, this was literally my way of distracting my panic-attack targeted pain so I am pretty sure there’s mistakes somewhere!

Nope. Looks good to me. *Bows* thank you for your correction. I know a lot of my numbers were rounded. Thanks for the reminder on island size. Something I just thought about though is that the staff weighs more to everyone besides Phill. But, does it effect his weight? I don’t think so, because when he is standing on the ground, he isn’t causing the ~12,000lbs of force to be exerted. We even see him in airplanes with the staff, but no effect. It could be, and likely is that the null magic is finally understanding when and how to effect the world when he wants it too.
My only critique would be with the example of AMFO and cruse missiles, as the energy total is measured by maximum potential, and in a radial fashion, not a linear area of contact.

Admittedly that is assuming that his force on impact is distributed… with a strike like that its seems more likely that he would punch through, not necessarily crater. More like an armor piercing round than a lead slug… considering that his body takes no damage from impact, there would be no real mushrooming effect that most projectiles suffer. So the real question is would he crater impact, drill himself halfway to Taiwan, or something in between?

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