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I think Life’s life just got a bit harder.

Well, we all know that his arrogant thought he can defeat the Null so “easily” relies on outdated information. Since Phil has abilities the last Null didn’t have. Not to mention what would happen if his magical sword came into contact with Phil’s staff. Since the staff absorbs magic, it may very well negate the space rending ability of the sword.

The staff doesn’t absorb magic. What it it is though is extremely heavy and high in mass. Only reason why Phil can pick it up is cause his innate ability as the Null negates the magic that causes the staff to be like that.

So in this case if the sword and the staff collided, the sword is goooooooooone. As well as Life’s bones in that arm. I look forward to this!

It turns mana into weight, the more mana put in it the more it weighs. Phill has let enemies touch it and then dropped it on the (wendigo and lilith) the mana in them made it way more just by touching it, then there was water teleporting it. It being in contact with her spell increasee it to a extreme.So yes it does absorb mana.

Correct, it does absorb mana but it isn’t powerful enough to completely absorb spells and such. It can diminish them though and is strengthened by them as well as made heavier. It’s what makes magical lodestone useless in armor despite it’s unique mana absorbing properties. What good is armor that defends against some magic, if it suddenly becomes so heavy it crushes you? ^_^

Loadstone armor would be useless on Phil because the closer something is to him the aura negates. The Staff for example, Phil can hit someone with the short end when his hand is really close to it- and it acts a lot more like a regular quarterstaff. It’s only the areas out side of that aura that affect things the way it does. So if he was wearing armor made out of loadstone it would not be any heavier than loadstone is naturally, and it would offer no real protection. Now… if you could make loadstone super thin you could weave it into a tank like object and Phil could easily lift it and move it around- and to everyone else it would have the mass of an actual tank… or more. Unfortunately loadstone is a type of rock so it’s not known for being something easy to turn into thread! The staff holds itself together and the areas that Phil touches don’t fall apart when he hits things with the other end because of the transfer of physical energy is based on the magical mass- which is negated. So the strain placed on the staff is… Nullified. *puts on sunglasses*

Pretty sure he was feeling a fear aura? That was the impression I got, anyway.

Life can sense living things and can generally tell them apart. From different animals, different people- he can tell them all apart. However… “Outsiders” are something that existed before the Magi were even a thing, so a sudden life forming near him, unlike anything he’s ever felt before… and something that feels so truly alien, would definitely evoke some fear.

Is this a death curse from Alex?

More likely a conditioned response. Alex IS a demon mage. So the idea that he’s got a demon sitting inside his body waiting for a chance to get free isn’t that far fetched. And having been seriously wounded, his ability to control that demon is severely weakened. Ergo it is now free to have lunch. And since it was probably hurt by Life, he’s the first item on the menu.

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