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So, a that would be a demon, but is it a parasite / symbiote or Axel transformed?

Also, ugly as sin.

“That is not a demon.”(Sage specifically stated on the last page) I’m pretty sure that’s an “outsider”. A being that the celestials claim split the world and created the demon realms. it’s basically what was taking over Axel’s body when he came back from the demon realm. penpen said that he doesn’t become a demon, and what he becomes doesn’t live long.(as in once it takes over, the celestials kill it rather quickly) Axel’s eyes (in the last page) are even reminicent of last time it was taking over his body.

It is cthulhu stuff.

Last page, commenters linked back to a previous chapter involving this. Towards the end of that event, they mentioned when the last time these things came into the universe. Doing some math with the numbers mentioned (if my math isn’t terrible…), the last event was the same year as Lovecraft’s death.

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