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Having super powers that give you hyper awareness and various weird senses doesn’t help to much when you can’t even mentally process what the heck you are looking at. It mostly means that you realize that it is WRONGWRONGWRONG all the faster.

Sometimes superhuman senses suck. They can work against you. Especially when you get overwhelmed by smells outside the range of human limits. Or hearing sounds that are unpleasant to human ears, and you can pick them up. Someone blows a dog whistle in range of you and you can hear it. Just a couple examples of how they can mess your life up.

I’ve seen that used against characters in tabletop RPGs and have used it against players in tabletop RPGs.

How does Life not know what an outsider is? How has he, in all his life times, not encountered or hear of outsiders? Or has he just forgotten about them because he has too many memories?

Outsiders are from before the Magi. The few issues with outsiders on Earth while Magi were around, were quickly dealt with by the celestials. The common story is “The celestials came, slew the ‘demon’ and returned to heaven.”

Well, I was wondering how long it took the celestials to arrive. That actually took longer than I thought, panel-wise. Just look at all those text-walls he managed to think before they came hurtling on the scene.

Couldn’t the celestial wait a few minutes … I wanted to see ‘life’ get beat up.

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