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I’m betting she passes out without her magic because the magic has been in control from day 1 and the human host doesn’t know how to be in control

I am betting her and her brother’s magic is why they always come back as themselves, a few pages back Life said the Null can ruin all his work, but later said he hoped he killed her, basically without necessarily realizing it, Phil just threatened to strip her of her immortality.

I think this is the most EVIL Phil has been the entire comic.

I know he does not think it is evil, but it is; it really is.

Not more evil than when he did it to Emi, and she turned out for the better afterwards.
(All the way back on page 774: )

The difference was, he didn’t know that touching Emi would have that kind of effect on her; he just thought he would prevent her from casting.

The truely evil part is telling Death ahead of time what he is planning and letting her panic / stew in her fear.

Phil actually had some idea of what would happen with Emi. He states it a few pages later that he needed to ‘help the three of them.’ Meaning he had some idea that his suppression of Emi’s magic would have a positive impact on her.

Im guessing the other magi have a symbiotic relation with the humans they are linked to, but life and death are parasitic.

Not much of an issue for life as his body would be constantly kept alive, but death leaches through the body until it ceases starting with the next body.

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