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Things just aren’t going Life’s way today, are they?

I loved Phil’s response. “Uhm, no?” Usually when a villain says “will you just die?!” the hero has some reason why he can’t die here. But Phil is just, “Uhm, no?”

And of course Life has now realized one of his weapons is useless against the Null. Yeah, his day is just going from bad to worse.

Magic spaceslashy sword angainst null

Null 1, sword 0

…This actually gave me a really big question in head overall about enchanted weapons and nullifying magic.
Let’s say you have a sword that is enchanted to be always sharp. Because of this, you never have to take care of the blade (magic keeps it in top notch). If you nullify that enchantment, does the blade just become normal sword, or does the enchantment also go back and make the blade just wither, rust and dull as the magic that kept it through wear and tear stopped existing.

And also, how much of the sword IS magic anyway? Can you regain that magic by simply taking it away from Null? As we have to remember, he could “push back” Magi’s own power so it’d go away until they would consciously use it again. And he could also discharge magic from orichalcum and whatnot. So, did the sword just now lose all its magical properties?
If it did, Life made his biggest mistake in this fight. He used MAGICAL WEAPON against Null.

It always depends on the wording of the original enchantment spell and the method by which said enchantment is dispelled.

If the enchantment says “as long as this enchantment is active, the sword will ignore all that tries to harm it, including the passage of time,” then when the enchantment is broken, time, and everything else, will play “catch up.”

On the other hand, if the spell says “as long as this enchantment is active, nothing may harm or dull the blade,” when the enchantment is nullified, the sword simply becomes a normal blade… Unless the disenchanting spell says “destroy all protective enhancements and let causality do its work.” In which case, it could result in time playing “catch-up” and the sword rusting to powder in your hands.

Hope that helps.

Time doesn’t play “catchup”…

Sage is the only one who can really answer this, but in my view, if an item is enchanted to be sharp, then it’s going to stay sharp. If the enchantment ends, then it’ll still be the same sharp sword until further forces are applied to it – I.E. Hitting something with it (Thus dulling the blade), leaving it in any environment with oxygen (Thus causing it to rust), melting it down, ect.

Physics doesn’t exactly “come back with a vengeance” or anything. Of course, if Sage says that the blade spontaneously explodes, then sure, it explodes, but he hasn’t really written anything on how enchantment dispelling works.

This has been mentioned in the comic before, Phil can disenchant stuff just by touching it if the enchantment is weak enough. For example, if someone is placed under a charm like spell, they are “enchanted” but if Phil touches them- the spell is gone and does not come back. However, this is different for some enchanted items- namely artifacts but some other items also retain their enchantment so long as it’s part of the creation of the item (but not created with magic- parts were enchanted and put together- not parts were created via magic) like the maid outfit Phil wore. Instead of being disenchanted their magical effects are suppressed so long as they are in contact with the null or close enough to him.

While that sword is close to Phil and up against his throat- it is a normal sword. Now onto the other part- Phil is immune to physical damage – but specifically that meant to hurt him. His magic can tell the difference between “This is a harm or pain that is needed for something good such as an IV needle or a shot vs this is a harm or pain to kill or maim such as- a sword cutting his throat. It still “hurts” in much the same way if you rubbed a blunt piece of metal across your throat with some force- but it wouldnt cut.

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