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I mean, technically he does. She’s standing behind him. And, well, he does still need to breath and all that.

The real question is, do you have enough time to figure out what your options are?

Ho Lee Shiiiit. If they kill her he’ll make them WISH he’d just killed them off for good.

Well, they wouldn’t need to kill her, Death’s original plan of holding her hostage is still technically sound. The problem now is figuring out how to separate Kate from Phil before more of their friends arrive, andbthe twins find themselves outmaneuvered.

…These two have a listening problem.

The problem is not their listening skills; it is their ability to believe that the current Null (Phil) means them no harm. The last Null went Robot Santa on their a*ses before he sealed magic, and their default believe is that Phil will continue in the same vein regardless of what he says.

In previous Null’s defense, former Magi were kind of a**holes.
But yeah, these two need to really take a second to consider “hey, Null doesn’t keep his memories, it’s a new guy we can talk and negotiate with”.
At this rate all they’re doing is pushing Phil toward more and more of that thing they were so afraid of ages ago and who destroyed their lives. Yeah, I know, Phil is a good guy, but any good guy has a breaking point. Even if you merely keep poking his cheek constantly for three hours straight, he’s sure to snap. You destroy something valuable to him, and he’s sure to get angry eventually (They were planning to destroy KOREA! You have any idea what nerd-rage loss of manwa or Korean MMOs could cause?!)

To be fair, it was North Korea.

“Break the cutie” is what would happen if someone was foolish enough to seriously hurt or outright kill any of his friends. Combine that with all the power of the Null, his staff and lord knows what else he has cooking under the surface and we have “I’ll take Things Gone Horribly Wrong for $1000.”

Phil still isn’t really thinking of this as a fight, so he’s not thinking in terms of tactics or strategy – he’s just expecting his presence will end things. Unfortunately Death just capitalized on Phil’s biggest mistake – tipping his hand about his goal being to remove their magic before he actually DID it. That information has now been passed on to Life, who has the ultimate getaway tool with that sword. Phil has lost any surprise advantage he might have had.

…y’know, I thought “teleporting swordsman” seemed like an odd power set for a ‘life’ mage.

…and then I realized “oh yeah, you kind of change up your style after you get murdered by the same guy a few dozen times”. In game terms, Life’s entire build might be a PVP build designed with the (previous) null in mind. So he went for pure physical damage, as well as magic that doesn’t require direct interaction with your opponent. That seems like the best choice against someone that is defined by his magical defense.

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