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Based on that expression… I’d say Death has officially wet herself.

“This woman was supposed to be helpless, no threat at all, and she just sent my brother flying with minimal effort, leaving me alone against her *and* our personal bogeyman, who intends to rob me of my power…”

She may have just crapped herself too.

The other thing is she has now seen Kate preform both demon magic and celestial magic, with ease, she may need an external source of magic to do it, but nonetheless she has demonstrated rare ability

Yes. Kate needs a an external source, and she’s probably sitting on the largest extenal source of magic floating around. 🙂 Wonder if she can tap into it like she can her jewelry; maybe quick-charge them if she can’t access the island.

I believe that Death is realizing that she and Life are not the big bads they use to be; and the old play book is useless.

okay death its time for a sit down Phil will listen to reason and if not just turn on the water works he’s only human

Kate used his portal power to put him in “time out”! XD “Now you go sit in limbo for a bit and think about what you did young (old) man!”

I wonder if Phil touches Death if it will be a similar reaction to what happened with….. Emi?, the Magi of Power. IIRC Power’s personality was in control for a bit but when Phil touched her Emi’s own regained control. I guess a good couple of questions for that is “is there anything left of the original personality when Life & Death take over? and “How long have Life & Death inhabited their current bodies?”

when you are so OP you can casually restrain the opponent…

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