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I KNEW IT! I knew he was going to come from above because that was the perfectly natural choice for him to make! But Kate! Oh, that c l e v e r little cat! That’s exactly what she wanted! And whatever she just did, she just took down one of the most powerful magi with a little trickery! Most excellent! 🙂

Considering that Life has demonstrated he’s a bit of a one trick pony in a fight, defeating him isn’t that hard once you learn how to counter the trick. If you’re the creative sword, a space ripping sword could be extremely dangerous. But it seems he’s relied on it so far for nothing more than surprise attacks via teleportation or to bypass normal defenses. Because he can bypass most normal defenses he probably hasn’t really taken the time to learn anything more than the basics.

True, you are correct.

To clarify what I meant, I did not say Life was particularly competent, or experienced, or clever. Merely powerful. As evidenced by how he cut straight through Axel, one of their big guns, with relative ease, and survived getting hit by that outsider creature.

Kate has her ears and her wits to work with, and she’s done exceptionally well against a powerful enemy she barely knew anything about.

Mental note: Don’t pick fights with Kate, ‘specially when she’s armed and ready. Whatever she just did to Life, looks like he’s out of the game for a while!

If you’re referencing what I think you are, I would add that you should bring her a strawberry sunrise…

He shouted, “Impossible!”, in a fight. He’s doomed.

… as Battle couples go, Phill and Kate are an interesting pair (but follow the old trope of “Guys smash and girls shoot”).

let’s be fair. If Phil could shoot magic he TOTALLY WOULD.

Honestly if he didn’t have the Null I could easily see them in reverse positions. We do know that Kate is by far the stronger of the two. And given her supposed inability to use magic. I could imagine her taking up the android training sessions while Phil nerds over ancient magic tomes and they become a wizard/fighter duo. Instead of the tank/mage dynamic they’ve developed now.

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