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“Almost over already” after 13 years, I don’t think “already” is quite the phrase you’re looking for xD

Comic actually started in November of 2003, didnt get a proper website though until 2004, and I had lost a bunch of stuff and had to redo a bunch of stuff in 2006. So the comic will actually be 16 years old next month. Your point still stands though!

lets see there’s cortex, Kate’s fam, the families that make up the 5, Hue merging…

Curious, what did heal Axel then? Was it just the act of the Outsider leaving him? That seems uncharacteristic though. Maybe the Celestials after they had taken care of the Outsider? If they did eliminate the Outsider does Axel no longer have his magic? I’m gonna go back and look at those pages again real quick, see if I can spot something.

Well the only thing I saw with Axel while fighting Life is that he could use his magic to stitch together his own wounds (that slash Life gave him through his armor). However Axel was unconscious from that sword through the chest so either someone/something else healed him or his magic (meaning he still has it) stitched him up automatically while he was incapacitated. The latter would be awfully convenient if true!

Just thought of something this evening. There could be someone who might have healed Axel even though we didn’t see her there: that succubus demon that serves him (I’m blanking on her name right now, sorry). If I remember correctly she is linked to him some way so maybe she could have come to his aide real quick once she sensed the coast was clear. I just don’t remember if she can use her magic to heal and I don’t feel like archive crawling this evening to find out.

Kalish, I believe is the name of the Succubus. At least, I distinctly remember a joke in a comment about her name being Kalishnikova, somewhere around the time she, Axel, and PenPen were moving through the demon world and fought what’s-his-face and the hellworm, where Penpen gave her the artifact-grade bow of wrath or whatever.

Not sure on her abilities.

if I vaguely remember this correctly Axel being the Vile yes his equivalent to the Magi and Phil so he is called something as well, Axel has a few “Demonic” innate abilities I believe Auto Regen is one as to why demons and outsiders keep popping out of him I believe Sage in Comic said that the Demons were created as a result of the Outsiders actions and influence and since the Vile connects directly to the primordial chaos demons and the like can ride Axel like a bus threw other dimension only problem is they will get stuck in him I think it was how he is able to move thru other dimensions himself that causes this I think my memoir is filling in the blanks for that

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