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#2271 published on 20 Comments on #2271

Just a heads up- This may be the last Wednesday Update for Yosh! I have a poll on twitter to gauge the acceptance of the readers for If I changed to doing Yosh! for Monday and Friday and had Artificial Incident be the only Wednesday update. I understand some people might not like this but I have been working myself to the detriment of my health since I changed the comic size. I much prefer the larger Yosh! comic size, but the extra time needed is causing me to spend every waking hour to working and only getting time to be with friends and family to- whatever sleep I can sacrifice. Effectively I will still be doing a lot of work and this won’t exactly give me more free time, I’ll just be able to not cut as many corners and have time to do more planning for big events and, maintain a healthy relationship with my friends and family. I’ll still be doing more updates than most of my peers in webcomics! XD But that’s not why I do this. I do this because I love it and I love that you all appreciate it and keep coming back. I do this for you all, but if I keep going as I have been since the change I’ll burnout. I’ll fall asleep, I’ll miss updates, I’ll screw up art, and I’ll leave out details. I won’t be the artist I was or the artist I want to be. Thank you all for your support and I hope you continue to support me. I’m also hoping that with this change I can actually start planning out some more projects with other webcomic friends and my own ideas. My stories don’t end with Yosh! or Artificial Incident, and I hope you all can enjoy it all eventually.


I kind of hope Water tricks Cain and kills his once Hue is safe, even if Lia will be unhappy with it. Life can probably bring Cain back even if he is killed, if Life decides he and Death still need Cain to make substandard robots. Cain is a bastard and deserved to die much earlier in the comic.

Sage, could not vote in twitter poll because I refuse to have twitter account, but if you fell you need to reduce your work load, do it. An over worked author / artist does not produce work as good, or in the worst case at all. You and your personal life are more important than these comics.

Credit where credit is due. That’s a smarter move from Cain than I had been expecting.

Phil, take the time you need to do this and stay healthy. I’ll miss the Wednesday updates but I’d rather you pace yourself and finish with the quality you’ve been producing rather than driving yourself into the hospital or burning out in some other manner. I’m pretty sure all of us reading enjoy your work enough to want you both healthy and sane.

As for Cain, he’s chosen the trickster illusionist to try to play this con with? Really not a good idea there buddy.

Well it’s a pity that you have to step down on the update rate. I don’t have a twitter, so I cannot vote. But it’s not like after all these years I’d stop reading over it.

That said, acid either falls under water (as a liquid) or fire when magical elements are concerned. So odds are that is the wrong turn of events. That said, there’s water on mars. Great place to send him to, fulfill the bargain, and remove him forever.

I think I missed something. When did Hue become a captive?

If you need to lighten the workload to keep yourself sane and healthy, then that’s just what you’ve gotta do. I’m sure will be difficult for some of us to get free entertainment at a slightly lower frequency 😉 but we’ll pull through somehow.

I forget Cain is the dude who resurrected his sister as a robot furry right? or was that the other guy?

Rieko was his little sister who changed like Kate did- but unlike Kate, Rieko got beaten to death by a group of people with tire irons while Cain watched. Cain developed a lot of psychological issues naturally, Many of which cause insomnia, which is why he’s always depicted as looking tired, worn out and with dark lines under his eyes.

geez I forgot about that stuff that was really dark backstory Sage like “WTF man?” dark, I mean I get it with the world they lived in suddenly surprise magic’s a thing now but still WTH how many people in the story have to deal with this kinda stuff in there lives again?

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