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Water has no chill

Awww, she gave him water wings for his first class ticket to hopefully be reincarnated as a slug in the demon dimension.
This suckers plot got disarmed easily.

on that note, did she throw the water wings at him or did she use the water in his body to burst out? Probably be red if she did that but just curious!

You know, it occurs to me that Lia or Water could just Jackass Genie this guy. Sure, you’re now off the island… 30 kilometers off, straight up. Or in the middle of Arctic or Antarctic waters, where he’d freeze to death in five minutes. Or in the snow caps of some mountain in the middle of nowhere. Or in Challenger Deep. Or in some underwater cave somewhere.
And that’s assuming that telefragging is off the table.

Unless Water somehow cauterized his wounds with those water-cutter blades she used, he should be sitting in a pool of his own blood right now. There’s a couple of really big arteries there in the arms…

If you look at Cain’s legs and body position in the last panel he is clearly sitting against a wall. He likely wouldn’t be shouting though. Traumatic amputation of both arms and the resulting massive blood loss would send him into severe shock within seconds. He’ll die of shock before blood loss and he’ll bleed out pretty damn quick.

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