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Death translated:

1) “This is very strange! Why can I not understand you? Can you understand me? Hello?”

2) “I can’t understand the wild magic girl either. Is the tower of order not working?”

Wait a moment. “Tower of order”? Ah crap, she’s referring to the Tower of Babel isn’t she?

More like a reverse Tower of Babel. At least, if I remember my stories right, before the tower was built they all spoke the same language, but afterwards were cursed with different languages for their hubris.

In Yosh! the tower of Babel is a story taken from stories of the Tower of Order but with things a bit backwards. The loss of magic caused the tower of order to collapse and it was a magical tower that allowed all humans to be able to communicate regardless of their native language. This was shown a looooong time ago in a flashback as well, in 2007.

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