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Isn’t she still basically within Phil’s reach? I don’t see how he couldn’t just stop her again.

Nah she’s been putting distance between them since she started taking back control. Phil didn’t do anything about it of course because he wants her to come back and hopefully have a new outlook on things buuuut- shes kinda stubborn. That said… She’s not super far away either, but they also don’t know how long it takes for her to pull off this stunt.

Sage, didn’t you say in a earlier comic that Phil’s “Null Field” is dynamic, so when he is in the apartment complex and around the android girls he does not interfere with the orihalcum used to power them, but it could potentially expand if he feels threatened or maybe agitated by a magical threat?

Kind of but generally it’s still rather localized to his body, at most going out a meter away from him and only going further as like a chain reaction effect, in the example of creating a hole under him to make him fall into it, the anti magic negates it as the effect would mean Phil is affected by the magic. Phil cannot be affected negatively by magic (physically- obviously killing everyone in the world would have an emotional effect on Phil but that doesnt count or else he could just refuse magics effect on everyone and everything at any time and then things would be even more boring). This is why it seems to have a mind of it’s own, as it is able to somehow either immediately know or somehow know before hand the intent or the consequence of a spell and negate it so long as the effect would influence him.

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