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#2278 published on 16 Comments on #2278

Sorry the comic is up a bit later than usual. I didn’t sleep much Sunday, ended up having to take a break and took a nap… which turned into sleep, which was nice until I woke up and realized my alarm didn’t wake me. Also, waking up when it’s dark out is kinda surreal feeling when you are used to waking up in the afternoon <_< >_> My sleep schedule is weird.


Pen Pen gonna trip Life and make him faceplant?

observant someone is not

Life could possibly think Penpen is on his side. They do think the demons are working with them after all, since they sent one to pick up Kate. Also Penpen is the demon that Death had been consorting with. So I think there’s a strong chance Life does Not realize Penpen is his enemy. And that pose Penpen has, it looks like he’s backing up Life(arms crossed staring at his friends with a not so friendly look). i see a doublecross coming. (Penpen turns on life when he least expects it.)

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