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….. For an ancient top tier elemental, life bloody sucks at paying attention. ‘Eck he sucks at that for a rank 1.

I think that might be the creepiest that Penpen ever looked, it really shows he’s not actually as cute and innocent as the penguin form might suggest.

You do remember the eyes right? His solid black eyes that he then turned neon green. Or the fight he had with the other prince that used a berserker gauntlet? Or when he told kate and phil a alternate name of his.

you mean penpen’s cousin who if I remember right possessed Axel and was also used in a ritual by some stupid kids for powers or something that demon right?

I kind of expected this. Last comic I made a comment about how it’d be nice to see Penpen do something truly impressive and creepy. The response was “ok”.

Uh … yeah … that’s definitely creepy.

What was Death about to say? How did Life not realize that the guy with arms crossed and clearly backing him up was ally? Was he just stupid enough to insult his allies for no reason? (I suppose it’s in character for him so far) I’ll never know!

Life only arrived at the battle recently, and has shown in the past that he doesn’t much approve of his sister exerting herself. So it’s quite possible he doesn’t know anything about Penpen. If that’s the case, all he’s seeing is a small, albeit unusual animal. And things really haven’t been going his way for the past few minutes, so he has very little patience for such things right now.

I suppose it’s possible his powers could give him more of an indication of what Penpen is, but in that same vein Penpen would probably take measures to counter that in order to maintain the element of surprise.

Also, Life is every bit as arrogant as his sister was, and hasn’t been knocked down as many pegs as her yet. “Ally” is synonymous with “minion” to him.

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