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Shouldn’t the last line be “…be ready for the worst.”? Also the aforementioned there/their typo.

Worse is fine after all English is not her native tongue

Nah, she’s very well educated with a very proper understanding of English. I would never write her dialogue to make her sound off or incorrect to make her seem like her English is poor. It was just a mistake, that when looking over it, late at night, I missed it, and I appreciate people who let me know in nice ways. It is annoying to have someone make fun of the fact that I make mistakes, but totally the opposite when someone respectfully gives a correction. It shows they really care and I really appreciate it.

Also to be clear, I miss these a lot because they are easy to look over sometimes, and I don’t have a way to spell check which would help. While often Dialogue is written out in scripts and concepts, it’s often adjusted based on the comic and the space. Sometimes to make bubbles look nice you need to cut a line. Taking every line and dropping it into a word processor or a website to check grammar and spelling is extremely time consuming and then things end up getting changed anyways and the majority of the time it’s something they won’t pick up. So, maybe if my program could spell check automatically, like even my browser is doing right now as I type this, it would catch a few things, but copying it all back and forth can take a couple minutes- to adding an hour to the work. Also, writing dialogue in another program and copying it into an art program is really unintuitive. It’s usually easier to just retype everything which seems crazy, but so far it seem true. Reformatting lines is annoying.

I do send the comic, usually, to a friend to check it for me though. Another pair of eyes can work wonders, but even they miss things, though you can usually tell when there’s a lot of errors it probably means I didn’t get a hold of them before posting! So I am very glad I have the early people who let me know- and I go back and change it- and here it is almost 8am when i got back around to checking the page went up and I can go to sleep- and we have Chuck, Damaged and Wilddeath helping out! Thank you all so much!

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