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Wait life and death both know comics, i can’t be the only one to think that is odd, yes superman is a household name, but booster gold is not, and it feels like life and death know who he is. And wee
Re even anoyed but that comment. It just seems odd that the elements would even care about comics, between there ages, how much they have seen, the powers they wield, and just how little of there life comics where even a thing.

Think about it this way- they do know who Superman is because everyone knows who Superman is. This does not mean they know who Booster Gold is- but they can tell just by looking- or not even by looking that some random other character by the name “Booster Gold” is not the original Superman- it’s just THAT obvious. They have proven to be upset by how naive their hosts are even if it’s unreasonable for them to know better. Life and Death have spent more time as “people” than the kids have after all.

Oh, and Life totally knows about comics. He spends a lot of time away from his sister, learning about world culture to help him track down artifacts. He’s found himself in a few comic shops in his time.

Ah i more meant i was suprised they cared enough to be upset about it, but that does make sense. Also if life actually does like comics then yeah he would be anoyed.

Also with this timing might as well ask, did you watch the booster gold vs cable deathbattle? If so any thoughts, i get the feel you actually know a good bit about booster as you’ve brought him up a few times over they years in yosh.

I saw it after I woke up today long after I did the comic. Friend knows I’m a fan of Booster and sent it to me like “Is this crap true? There’s no way Cable lost to this guy” and I was like “You dont know Booster Gold”

Poor kids. D & L need a wake up call that it’s their fault the kids are so naive. They’ve suppressed the kids’ consciousness for centuries (eons?). I would love to see Phil sit D & L down and give them a stern lecture, like a parent-to-child lecture. They’ve got this arrogant mindset, and yet they’re more childish than the kids they inhabit.

Just wanted to say, as someone whose had voices in their head for years now, this is exactly how I tend to act with mine. Without the power dynamic thing anyways. I’ll be saying something and then one of them will say “I think you meant to use the word ‘ceiling’ not ‘roof’. ” and i’ll silently apologize in my head and correct myself. Or I’ll get out of the car and another will say “Hey, you forgot your drink in the car” and i’ll turn around and be like “oh! Thanks!” and go back to grab it. So. In other words. Nice job writing the interactions between the people and their elements!

Death and Life are both clearly prideful, and hate the idea of their body appearing ignorant or foolish. Yeah it’s their fault the siblings have been cut off from the world for so long, but their reaction is basically “Stupid kids, dont make us look bad!” They’re effectively backseat drivers who are only letting someone else take the wheel under duress.

I find it hard to imagine what sort of event or subject would let the elements engage with their counterparts and develop a better relationship where the kids aren’t just dismissed out of hand, but I really hope something like that happens – because the alternative is being constantly on-edge that the twins will break out for horrible revenge and kids will get suppressed again the moment people drop their guard.

I do hope to get a chance to help show that kind of engagement that signifies the change, but it is already happening. As with the other Magi, the host’s emotions and thoughts mold and shape the magics “personality”. This is unavoidable so long as the host is conscious and even a bit while unconscious. For example, Death’s lazy lounging comes from Shion’s years of being a young princess that likes fashion and naps. Life got Aster’s adventurousness and interest in legends and artifacts. Death and Life took these traits and having so few traits to run with they took them to some extremes. Death has an obsession with people wearing appropriate attire for their situation, and Life’s interest in artifacts and adventure has made him interested in hunting items to use.

Given their current lockdown, I’d imagine it’ll be easier for Shion and Death – how many examples of fancy dress are literally walking around the halls, not to mention if they end up with a shopping catalog or fashion magazine somehow making its way into their reading material.

I’m curious how they’d react to being put into the VR environment though – somewhere they would actually be JUST their shared minds with no powers except what the game world gives them. That might do it for Aster and Life… or it might freak both twins out.

That said I dont know if everyone is actively trying to encourage the elements to meld with their hosts and mellow out, or if it’s just taking care of the kids at this point. Feels more like everyone’s just keeping their distance as much as possible and leaning toward containment instead.

Containment is very important here, second to that is nurturing the minds of these children to build their will to fight back if their magic tries to take over again (Which is another form of containment). Right now the concern is- Death could just say “Screw all this-” go black eyes and start murdering everyone except Phil. Kate’s not decked out in magical items, Michelle has no defense against something that can just end the life cycle of her power supply, Naoko is the only other one in the area that can defend herself.

The objective is to contain them long enough for the children to be able to influence them enough to no longer worry about a sudden betrayal or sneak attack. From there they can foster better relationships.

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