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Wait, this actually happening or is this a non canon side, can’t think of a holiday this month, but the sudden scene change and how to the point it is screams how sage does holiday side stories. Definitely a long time coming but so suddenly addressed.

Yeah, it was supposed to lead more in with the Movie night thing, If I were doing 3 comics a week I would have done this in 2 parts- but since im not splitting it into 2 parts would have been- well just mean to people seeing where it was going and then not see any kind of in-comic payoff. Time line though it’s correct- it’s later in the day after the movie night. Nami “slept in” after the busy time from the previous day and stayed up late for the movie night.

This is cannon. This happened. It’s in line with the time, but it does feel abrupt- if you didnt see the last thing with the twins as what it was- a last joke with them before moving on as everyone else moved on.

Well. … It took them long enough. Or, it took you long enough, sage. Thanks for the page. Although, it feels s little rushed, all in one page, but that might be for the best, as Naomi might have backed out if she didn’t jump right in.
…next time, she needs to wear her special ears, and her tail…….
-]Meoi Lass[

It’s not really done, but considering the content obvious things needed to be rushed and as I said before, it felt like it was in my best interest to not do a cliff hanger on this “promised payoff”. Did y’all really want to see another Friday comic ending with “Ok- im ready for sex now- lets do it-” and then start Monday off with “Wow- that was great sex.” The only thing i can see from that that would be funny would have been “I can’t believe we started having sex on a Friday only to be finished on a Monday” – in which case Blue would probably be dead…

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