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Michelle said it a while ago, but Phil thought Michelle was a lesbian, but as mentioned then and again recently, Michelle, like Kate, is Bi. Phil on the other hand is- complicated? Easily overwhelmed? Not great when it comes to dealing with sexual situations he’s unprepared for? He never even considered this as a possibility. We’ll continue to dive into this next time, because it’s fun and interesting. Also I need to build up some space before the next big events and do more setup. Might fit a role playing game bit in here too- they gotta play more Pathfinder in VR. It’s really unfair of me to make their gaming schedule so bad.


Presumably Phil is demisexual.

But I am reminded of a quotable quote an acquaintance of mine used as his forum signature:
“He has the determination that gods cannot break, he can face the most terrifying of demons without showing a trace of fear, and his strength in battle is unbeatable and he always fights for his friends. But shove a pair of tits in his face and he has NO IDEA WHAT TO DO. Yeah, sounds like a Shōnen hero.”

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