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This page is both sexy, and cool.

Please tell me we get to see the look on blue’s face when Kate drops this one on her!

I am trying to remember if/when Kate admitted to being bi. I feel like it happened but trying to recall the comic it did so.

But yes very very much love this development.

You live in a world where magic exists and can be harnessed as well monsters being real and other worlds and dimensions, people being open minded surprises you?

Except generally people aren’t accepted. People who cast magic are seen as dangerous and not being able to tell who can and who cant has driven people to be paranoid, and then there’s the people they can tell were affected and how they were treated. Blue herself grew up mostly in isolation in a lab. So while modern day in Yosh! has a lot of supportive people for groups that were often discriminated against, people who had those issues with those things AND the new things are still alive and still spreading their hate. Like real life.

This “sort of” shoots down my “Phil is too innocent” comment from a previous page.
But I am curious now if Phil even has interest in being with another woman, considering their relationship. But this is idle curiosity and I’d rather focus more on the story than K&P’s bedroom life.

Phil being the almost saint he is may not necessarily want to sleep with another of the girls, but he would not want to stifle or try and hold Kate back from being happy. So them already having this conversation is awesome and can totally see it happening quickly after he hinting at being BI.

I love the positivity around their relationship.

We probably won’t find out now that she sort of has a female poly partner right there that she and Phil both get along well with, but I have to wonder how “open relationship” that was? Open can range from “I am fine with you dating and hooking up, no need to check in with me at all” to “I’d like to meet and at least be friends with whoever you want to be with.”

Also, great job with the “show, don’t tell” as far as this has been concerned. It’s been nice to see this friendship growing and now fully realizing rather than how such things are normally handled in writing.

So I’m kind of confused on something. As far as I know, Phil and Kate haven’t fondued? I may be wrong, but if I’m not then more power to Phil. Like the fact that he’s comfortable with this shows how much trust he has in Kate. He’s not worried she’s gonna betray him or anything, and yeah I really like their relationship.
Thank you Sage for this fantastic webcomic.

Of course they have fondued, it wasnt a great experience though because fondue is just bread and cheese which sounds great but its not even as good as like mozzarella sticks- and thats just breading and cheese and its waaaaay better… If you mean they havent had sex- well it’s kinda implied they havent but its not explicitly said if they have or havent- because it doesn’t really matter if they do now or havent done yet. That’s not important.

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