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Do you realize that you inserted an apostrophe in a /verb form/? (The correct spelling is “resumes”.)

Yeah it’s a typo. They generally go unseen when you make them and when you look back hours later you either see them or someone tells you about it. The biggest difference usually being how they tell you. There’s people who do it in a way where you’re just thankful they let ya know so you can fix it, and sometimes there’s people who do it in a weird way where you wonder “are they being condescending or dickish? Are they actually trying to help or do they just want to sound like they know more and that they don’t make mistakes sometimes?”. But It can be really hard to tell, ya know?

I hear that. My normal retaliation is to be super nice and thankful. If the person was legit trying to help, they’ll like the enthusiasm. If they were trying to be facetious or some other kind of psychologically nasty, it might just make them feel like a dick for doing so—enough that they change their tune.

PS: this was a dang cute pic.

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